“3 Amigos”


We have leveraged the well-known technique of “3 Amigos” and “Power of 3” to enable collaboration with DevTest expertise in SWIFT, Payments and Service Oriented Architecture. It is about learning and sharing knowledge with passionate people for your growth in accelerated software delivery.

Network of like minded people

Head & Heart

Explanation of each of the icons in the image – Heads represent different roles in a project, carried out by like-minded people who share the passion (heart) for delivering great software.

Just In Time mentoring coaching

e-Coach e-Tutor e-Mentor

It is more about sharing knowledge, having someone to answer questions, assisting in solving problems, supporting the transition to a “better way of doing software”. Which means adopting those elements of Lean,  Agile and DevOps that work for you.

3 Amigos share ideas

Sharing Ideas

Sharing ideas with other knowledgeable like minded people enables ideas to grow and become something of value.

a graphic for e-learning


(acquiring knowledge and experience)


  • A heuristic for achieving different levels of quality
  • ISO 20022 and the New Payment Platform
reduce time to competency

e-Coach / e-Tutor / e-Mentor

The challenge of learning is finding the time to figure it out for what you want to achieve.

After all, it is about delivery, delivery, delivery – just get the code out.

Digital Collaboration – it is a winning strategy