Welcome To NPPDevTestHub. A place for developing quality software for digital disruption over the New Payments Platform

NPPDevTestHub is not about buying tools or following a process or trading hours.

It is about YOU.

Collaborating to build better code – faster.

We believe that delivering software for digital disruption should be an exciting journey of discovery of your talents.

It is about building quality in - with speed. Moving from Testing to Quality Interventions.

Think of us as a “Guild” of DevTest Craftsmen in Payments and SWIFT Financial messaging. With tools and knowledge to support your digital disruption journey with New Payments Platform

Knowledge and Experience

Collaborate and work with people who have the knowledge and experience of developing and testing software for payments over SWIFT using Agile, DevOps and Lean.


Build Quality In

Using a set of recipes, “golden messages” and heuristics, our DevTest Craftsmen work with you and your team to build your quality in. We do this by creating Executable Specifications (really a cross between tests and specifications) for a Test-Driven style of approach. (And, of course, BDD and ATDD).

SWIFT Payment Test Gateway

This is about Domain Specific Service Virtualization integrated into your Continuous Build and Continuous Integration

Test Data

Lack of good data is the glass ceiling to good quality. The NPPDevTest Tank file is a collection of messages to measure the quality of your application, through testing.

Engage with Us

The idea is to have a call to action. In our case, it is to engage.  To find out what people are thinking and wanting.