Quality Engineering your Continuous Integration workflow

Connecting your CI server to a virtualised SWIFT test gateway

QA and Test Automation that makes your feature team efficient in delivering quality code


A Center of Great Service to support your continuous integration with SWIFT virtualization

Ensuring software is in a testable state

Eliminating waste

Improving quality of code to SIT

Continuously building quality for SWIFT Payments into your CD pipeline through automation


The Development Challenge

Automation of SWIFT Test Messages in Continuous Integration

Time and effort to create and maintain quality in Continuous Integration.

Length of feedback loop between the build and testing.

Knowing what to test and when.

Optimizing automated tests for continuous improvement in code delivery.

Finding tests for changed code – even if you wrote the code yourself.

Removing extraneous elements to get immediate feedback on the quality of the code under build.

What we do

create the connections and artefacts that support your software delivery process


  • Build a set of quality criteria for Continuous Integration and Continuous Build . These criteria are fast tracked using our knowledge base of testing criteria for SWIFT and other payment solutions.
  • Evaluate, document and communicate environment and data requirements per feature.
  • Provide known, clean and fit for purpose test data set.
  • Configure NPP Test Gateway for integration unit tests and build acceptance tests (executable specification).
  • Create automated, integration unit and build acceptance tests.
  • Tighten feedback loop to developer regarding test results and reasons for failures.
  • Enable interface testing at 2 levels:
    • Application and Database
    • Application and dependent systems

Tools we use



  • Cucumber for Executable Specifications.
  • NPP Test Gateway for Service Virtualization of NPP messages
  • Workflow management and tracking system (typically Jira)
  • Team Collaboration Software (typically Confluence)
  • Your Test Automation Library

Deliverables and Artefacts




  • Relevant and maintainable automated test artefacts in a test library.
  • Dev/Test feedback loops.
  • Checklists.


WHY - the value we bring



Executable Specifications provide:

  • Shorter feedback loops.
  • Make sure the “new shiny” does not break anything.
  • Higher quality and fit for purpose code exiting development.
  • Happier and calmer work environment.