Building quality in the IDE and through continuous build and integration

Design, Build & Integrate

One giant leap for efficient and effective Continuous Build and Continuous Integration

Building Quality In is Shifting Left

Start with the idea. QA/Test the ideas Translate to features QA/Test the translation

Rapidly create tests for the quality of the code.

Rapidly evolve in DevTest Assets for Continuous Build and Continuous Integration.

Draw on the experience and expertise of SWIFT DevTest Craftsmen to fast track that process.

One small step for the Developer

 One giant leap for efficient and effective Continuous Build and Continuous Integration

The fastest way to get your code live is to do NO testing.

The fastest way to lose your customer is to create frustration through lack of Quality

Centre of Great Service

It is about learning and sharing knowledge with passionate people for your growth in  accelerated software delivery.

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Quality Engineer the Story

Testing the translation of business ideas to features in code

Rapidly creating reusable assets for Continuous Build and Continuous Integration

You need a great Centre of Service to ensure the story is viable from a customer perspective

Is communicated successfully. And the feature team have a common understanding.


Centre of Great Service for Executable Specifications for continuous integration in NPP

Executable Specifications for Continuous Delivery

Creating Smart Assets for the automation of quality assurance in Continuous Delivery.

We create enriched unit tests with Service Virtualization

A service to automate testing for continuous integration for NPP

Continuous Build and Continuous Integration

Reducing Test Cycles by improving quality of code to SIT

Enabling a tool-chain for Continuous Build and Continuous Integration supported by a library of Smart DevTest Assets.

We remove the inefficiencies and constraints that you have in CB and CI cycles.

We were met with scepticism as to what we could achieve. We left with the belief that nothing was too hard or would take too much time. Our defect turn around rate was never more than 24 hours. The ability to test on demand and replicate issues without external dependencies just took the pressure off delivery. Whilst it was before the days of Lean, we lived Lean, eliminating those unconscious time wasters of environment, data, improper code and missed specs.

Kobus & Co

Test Manager & Early Agile Adopter, Company

We were asked why we thought we would be able to find errors in a system and SWITCH with worldwide installations. We found an error in SWIFT’s own implementation of a mandatory field being ignored. The error in the SWITCH was deep-seated and took a long time to fix. In both cases, we were able to replicate errors on demand. Service Virtualization enabled the kind of testing that was hitherto not possible.

Alan & Samantha

SWIFT Subject Matter Experts & Tester, South African Merchant Bank

Using my knowledge and skill in deep technical testing of SWIFT messages enabled me to create scenarios that uncovered the incorrect implementation of a SWIFT rule. I was able to execute a wide variety of those scenarios through Service Virtualization


Job Role, Merchant Bank Johannesburg

Three weeks of the month was taken up in tedious monotonous work of creating messages, inputting to the system and checking the  results. That’s done in a day. I now get to do exploratory testing, session based testing and provide real value to the project.


Test Analyst, International Merchant Bank

An Upgrade to our middle office system was taking 9 months. I needed a platform that would reduce effort and time for the life of the system. We created the platform and carried out an upgrade with less time and effort than the previous upgrade.



Programme Manager, Capital Markets, South African Merchant Bank